Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tufted Wool Stair Runner

This material is a broadloom tufted wool. It was cut a fabricated to go on the stairs as the designer requested. Because of the construction, sewing was not necessary. It was bound on all sides with a cotton binding tape. As with all of our installations, we used a very dense fiber commercial cushion. This cushion gives some padding, but helps keep the carpet tight and will help it maintain its appearance for many years. Special thanks to Roxy Key for trusting us with this project.

Capped Stair Installation

Capped stairs have become very popular over the years. They are a cost effective way to dress up a boring staircase. However they do create a unique problem for installers. As you can see in this photo, the nose of the cap sticks out past the nose of the stair tread. If this is not addressed, the cap edge will show.
To hide the edge, I have run my tackless out to the end of the cap. This will force your carpet to go out to the end of the cap and hide the edge.
When you install the cushion, be sure that the tackless and the cushion are close to being flush with each other, if they are not, you may end up with a weird bump or drop off in the carpet where they meet. I will usually hit the tackless on the end to bend it over to conform to the curve of the tread.
This is a "Bullnose" or "Cowboy" stair install. It will work with a "Waterfall" install as well.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Commercial Carpet Tile Install

I have done some large commercial installations, but never any this large. We are removing existing broadloom and installing 2X2 carpet tile. This area also gets a border and some custom features around the exterior of the room.
In all this installation is over 2500yds. Thank you Poindexter Flooring!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stone Back Splash from "The Tile Shop"

This back splash is a product that the Tile Shop sells. It is very thick and easy to work with. Inside miters have to be carefully planned and cut. The area above the stove is a honed Travertine in a Versai pattern.

Pre-Hemmed Runner Install

Pre-Hemmed Runner Install

This was an extensive amount of runner to install. There was at least half of a day of planning. The runner came in two huge roles that were too large to handle without a 2 wheel cart. Thee was 150 LF in all.

Pre-Hemmed Runner Install